Holiday Recess Edition

Hello! As I finish up the second edition of Comfortably Yum, I’ve realized I need to take a break from the newsletter and really focus. Curiouser will be back sometime early in the new year. Here’s the last TGIF collection for a while; I tried to make it especially good as a farewell-for-now gift to you.

1) Katherine May wins the 2020 Prescient Author award. Her latest book, Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat During Difficult Times, seems like it was written just for us right now, even though she can’t have foreseen just how crappy a year 2020 was going to be. Like the Man of Sorrows, May is acquainted with grief, and recommends embracing it for all it can teach us. “This isn’t about getting you fixed. This is about you living the best life you can with the parameters you have.” It’s a beautiful, contemplative book I know I’ll return to many times.

2) Maybe as you hibernate, you need something silly to warm up your cocoon a bit. If you liked The Office or Modern Family, I recommend Stath Lets Flats. It’s not quite as good as Ted Lasso (nothing is, so no one should feel bad about that), but it has that same earnest good-heartedness, along with tons of physical comedy, ridiculous situations, and quotable lines.

3) Flavored sparkling water has become something of a joke, even as millions of people continue to buy and drink it and every store has come out with their own version. I’m hereby owning my mockable bougieness with this recommendation. San Pellegrino has been bottling and selling its mineral water for centuries, but hasn’t been afraid to surf the latest trend and come out winning. San Pellegrino Essenza has fresh, true, delightful flavors without a hint of artifice. Yes, it’ll cost you more than a six-pack of La Croix or Bubly, but you get what you pay for, and ‘tis the season to treat yourself.

4) If you have someone very cool on your shopping list—the person you’ve been procrastinating buying for because they’re…difficult…BedStuyFly is the place for you. This is the hottest, most up-and-coming streetwear label, so hit them up before they sell out of everything for the season. If the sweatshirts are out of your range, go for socks, a hat, or a mask. You will instantly become the hippest aunt/uncle/friend ever.

5) As you know, I’m picky about holiday music, but Meghan had me at Earth, Wind & Fire. I’m all about that funk, baby. Ignore the admittedly banal lyrics and dig those classic horns and suspensions. It’s good to know the boys can still get it done.

Enjoy your holidays, and I’ll see you in 2021!

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